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Jane Fonda's body image issues

 2016-02-19 06:38:20.0

24D308C000000578-2916752-image-m-60_1421674814952 Los Angeles : Actress Jane Fonda had "massive body image issues" while growing up. The 78-year-old says she struggled to find herself anything other than "fat and unattractive" after her confidence was dented by her father, reports �I grew up with massive body image (issues) - my father made me feel that I was fat and unattractive and I don't think he realised how destructive it was,� Fonda told Paper magazine in a joint interview with actress Lena Dunman. However, Dunham insisted her parents were always supportive of her, whatever shape she was. �Despite a knowledge that my body didn't necessarily meet a perfect norm, I've also always felt (comfortable) - and I think a lot of it does come from my parents and that even in our most challenging moments, they've always sent me the message that I was, at my very core, 'enough',� she said.� �(IANS)

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