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Modi is an NRI PM : Hardik Patel

 2016-07-23 07:46:22.0

hardik aptel UDAIPUR:�After coming out of prison Patidar activist Hardik Patel doesn't feel like free man . Exiled from his own �home , Gujarat and presently living in Udaipur, spearhead of the Patidar reservation, Hardik has been confined to his temporary home with the local police also setting up a chowki right outside his house to keep a watch on him. �Hardik calls himself a social leader, Hardik says he will solve the issues of farmers, youth and the women. According to Hardik the high court hasn't laid any such restrictions nor ordered house arrest. Though, I am under house arrest of sorts. The police are wrongly trying to confine me. We gave them a copy of the order, but they don't seem to understand. So my lawyer sent notices to the Udaipur IG and SP seeking clarification on the issue. I can step out of the house anytime I like, but I am waiting till things get clear to avoid an issue. Hardik says, our reservation demand for Patidar community is only for Gujarat. States like Rajasthan, UP etc. the Dangi, Gujjars and Kurmis are already fall in OBC category. I am a social leader and committed to resolve social issues concerning the farmers, youth and women. Everyone talks of the problem but no one gives the solution. Farmers are committing suicides, women are not safe and youth is struggling for jobs. I am trying to give solutions to these burning problems of the common man. It is not the quota demand that is creating a divide. The political parties are creating differences and fuelling confrontations among people. They do it for their vested interests. To suppress the raising voices, they create all sort of pressure. The British were far better and their rule than the conditions prevailing in the present times. But the situation won't continue for long. When public comes out on streets for their rights, change would be inevitable. Woh ab Gujarat ke kahan rahe? Modiji ab NRI PM ban gaye hain! Once they called it Jungle Raj in Bihar but the Jungle Raj has now spread to Gujarat. They are misusing the government machinery, misusing the Intelligence Bureau, intercepting calls and doing all the things to curb our movement. People are watching everything silently. They will come to know of the results next year from the public mandate. It is a misconception that political parties or governments run the country. The truth is people run the country and make governments. That is the irony! Advaniji's Rath Yatra threatened the peace and law and order situation in the entire country. Nobody thought about slapping any sedition charges then. Sedition charges were not considered whether it was Kashmir, Godhra, Dadri lynching, Kupa movement and not for terrorists, naxalites or even Zakir Naik.Why me? What have I done to be termed a deshdrohi? I have said it many times that I do not intend to join or launch a political par ty. I am a social reformer and we are taking about the need for a revolution to improve the worsening social order and tackle the burning problems of unemployment and poverty "Jo sochte hain, woh sochte hi reh jaate hain, kuch kar nahi patey." I am not at all concerned for my career but yes I fear of failing to live up to the public's expectations.Lakhs of people have pinned their hopes on me and I stand committed to realize their dreams. The maximum punishment could be a life sentence that means I will be jailed for 14 years. I am only 23 now and when I come out after the punishment, I will be only 36. In this country when 80-year-old people aspire to become prime ministers and chief ministers, I will have a long way to go.

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